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Founded in 1997 by Richard “Dick” Taton, IntelliNet has a long history of success in delivering managed services.

Whether working with an international, publically traded company or a small, locally-owned business, the IntelliNet solution starts with building customer relationships on a foundation of quality and uncommon attention to service.


Dick’s exceptional ability to develop information technology service companies from start-up to success began with Datacorp Business Systems, which he started in 1980.  Datacorp grew to a multimillion dollar company that was later a strategic acquisition by an international conglomerate.

After Datacorp, Dick started IntelliNet with four employees, a small Network Operating Center (NOC) in Richmond Heights, Ohio, and services that focused on network fault management and notification for large corporate networks.  With its reputation for providing outstanding customer service, IntelliNet quickly expanded its customer base and outgrew its facilities.

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In 2003, IntelliNet moved its headquarters to the tech corridor in downtown Cleveland.  With the move came significant investments in the IntelliNet NOC, making it a state of the art, multi-million dollar facility, with globally dispersed primary and secondary data centers and redundant backup power supplies to ensure business continuity and uninterrupted availability.

By re-organizing its management staff around core service areas and focusing on strategic partnerships, IntelliNet increased its client base by 20% each year.  With this growth came demands for expanded service offerings.  Now IntelliNet provides fully managed services that cover network, servers, applications, service desk, cloud and hosted environments, and application development.

Today IntelliNet’s reach is global – IntelliNet monitors and manages applications in 44 states, 25 countries and 4 continents, and implements solutions worldwide.  But our approach to customer service is distinctly local.  IntelliNet, from its President to its NOC engineers, works to understand each client’s unique corporate culture, values, people and mission.