Application Development Management (ADM)

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The Challenge:
Agile Cloud Application Development

IntelliNet’s Application Development Management (ADM) Service supports all types of applications, from cloud and smartphone apps to mainframe legacy systems.

Cloud-based software development requires faster, agile development with continuous iterations and application releases. IntelliNet’s ADM resources have expertise in:

  • Cloud, web and mobile application development
  • Database design, conversion and administration
  • ERP programming, featuring SAP and Oracle
  • Legacy system programming, including mainframe, AS/400 and traditional client/server based apps
  • QA testing and scripting

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Developing applications that work using legacy databases delivered via the Cloud to a smartphone or tablet requires diverse, hard to find skill sets.  IntelliNet’s ADM project managers, developers, analysts and DBAs have an average of 20-plus years of experience in every area of IT.  IntelliNet customers use our ADM Service to:

  • Develop multi-screen applications for use on a variety of devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops
  • Triage application performance issues discovered through our Application Performance Management Service
  • Maintain and optimize IntelliNet-hosted cloud applications
  • Lead and support custom application development projects

Key Features

  • Professional, seasoned staff with an average of 20-plus years of experience in every area of IT
  • Software skills including C#/.Net, C++, SharePoint, Java, JavaScript, WebSphere, HTML5, PHP/CSS, Perl, COBOL and commercial testing tools
  • Database skills featuring DB2, Oracle, SQL, MySQL and UDB
  • Resourceful, detail-oriented professionals, capable of quickly translating business requirements to intuitive, user-friendly interfaces


  • Scale staffing needs without adding to headcount
  • Outsource projects and responsibility for deliverables and quality
  • Support applications on your IntelliNet Cloud or Hosted Managed Service
  • Correct code errors and inefficiencies discovered by IntelliNet’s ApplicationPerformance Management tools