End User Experience

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If your business depends on high-volume, consumer-based and/or mission-critical web or traditional applications, then monitoring how your customers interact with your applications is critical. The customer’s experience after pressing the ENTER key or clicking Submit might decide whether or not your customer will buy from you in the future, or even completes the transaction.

IntelliNet’s End-User Experience (EUE) Management Service captures, alerts and reports on the total end-user performance experience. It gives you the power to proactively monitor how the user is experiencing your application, and it provides comprehensive visibility into application response times, resulting in faster triage and resolution.

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Like our Application Management Service, IntelliNet’s EUE Management uses thresholds for alerting IntelliNet’s NOC engineers of EUE events.  To set thresholds, IntelliNet deploys tools that “learn” your environment’s normal transaction capacity.  We establish baselines by designing and executing scripts that complete specific synthetic application transactions.

Once thresholds are set, IntelliNet then proactively monitors the end-to-end performance of mission-critical applications.  IntelliNet also provides:

  • Real-time dashboard views of transactions with at-a-glance views into the performance of key user interactions
  • Root cause analysis, trouble ticket creation and escalation
  • Self-service reporting

IntelliNet also has the resources to correct application problems once they are detected.

  • Infrastructure issues are escalated to our Network Support Management team
  • Application issues can be triaged and fixed by our Application Development Management group