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With our Infrastructure Management Service, IntelliNet proactively verifies that your network is secure, reliable and functioning optimally.

IntelliNet monitors all devices within your environment, including routers, circuits, switches and storage devices, as well as infrastructure in cloud and virtualized environments.

IntelliNet offers proactive network maintenance, monitoring, notifications and remote remediation.

Our Infrastructure Management Service includes:

  • Real-time device level monitoring
  • Visibility into SNMP information and other critical network and communication metric
  • Responsive troubleshooting by IntelliNet’s NOC, with escalation options up through our Network Support Management service engineers
  • Custom SLAs for hardware replacement or onsite support
  • Access to device dashboards and self-service reporting tools
  • Configuration recovery services

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IntelliNet’s monitoring tools gather a wealth of availability and performance metrics.  Devices include routers, switches, firewalls, circuits, and storage devices. IntelliNet monitors:

  • Device health
  • Utilization
  • Performance (e.g., throughput of interfaces)

For routers and switches we can monitor a broad set of devices and interfaces, and provides details on:

Interface/port status and bandwidth utilization Interface operational status “Dead” lines (no traffic) Discarded packets
Error packets Queue length Average traffic in/out Average errors in/out
Routing tables and table queries SNMP MIB object query Interface auto discovery Customizable alert messages
“Profile-based” poll and alarm definition

For storage devices, we provide events, alarms, performance data, displays, workflow and correlation features that allow us to:

  • Rapidly identify and correct storage related outages
  • Prevent problems before they occur by applying intelligent thresholds and metrics
  • Automatically identify, configure and deploy IT monitoring for storage components and elements

IntelliNet can provide monitoring solutions for a variety of storage devices, including EMC and NetApp.