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Vital to any organization is the optimal performance of its physical or virtual servers.  More than data storage, your servers may house multiple virtual environments and key customer-facing web applications.

IntelliNet’s Server Management Service offers a comprehensive monitoring solution for analyzing the performance of core server components and proactively maintaining their high availability.

With IntelliNet’s  Server Management Service, our certified engineers use the best tools for resource allocation monitoring, real time event correlation and at-a-glance dashboards to quickly triage events, isolate and resolve problems and maintain high server availability.  Server Management ranges from simple availability to more complex agent-based monitoring, with customized escalation processes, notifications and custom-dashboard views of your entire server environment.

IntelliNet monitors standard, virtualized or cloud based servers of any manufacture, running any commercial grade OS, including:

  • Cisco UCS
  • Windows Server
  • IBM
  • Linux/Unix

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Standard Server Monitoring

IntelliNet Standard Server Monitoring service offers status and performance information with real-time dashboards and performance trend reports and provides data such as:

CPU/Disk/Memory (CDM) Services Performance metrics
Event Log Device network availability Hardware SNMP traps

Cloud-Based Server Monitoring

Maintaining service levels and availability requires that clients monitor and manage critical infrastructure in cloud environments, in addition to the client’s traditional data center. IntelliNet’s Cloud Monitoring Service includes complete monitoring environments for those building a public or private cloud, as well as specific monitoring elements to monitor instances in cloud services such as Amazon, Rackspace and Salesforce. IntelliNet can provide monitoring solutions for the following cloud environments such as:

VBlock For Cloud Providers FlexPod
Public Clouds Private Clouds vCloud

If there is a cloud environment not listed here IntelliNet can address that as a custom monitoring approach.

Virtual Server Monitoring

IntelliNet’s Virtualization Monitoring Services offers sophisticated, comprehensive and efficient monitoring of virtualized environments. Offering the alerts, trending information and real-time intelligence administrators need to prevent problems and quickly correct issues, IntelliNet’s Virtualization Monitoring Service makes it possible for organizations to fully leverage the performance, agility and cost benefits of virtualization.

  • Delivers the intelligence needed to ensure monitoring continuity
  • Automatically correlates physical and virtual resources
  • Automatically configures, deploys and displays monitoring for virtual infrastructure

IntelliNet can provide monitoring solutions for the following Virtual Environments:

VMware IBM PowerVM Oracle Solaris Zones Citrix XenServer
vCloud Microsoft Hyper-V Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

If there is a Virtual Environment not listed here IntelliNet can address that as a custom monitoring approach.