Cloud Desktop

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IntelliNet’s Cloud Desktop revolutionizes the end-user computing experience by enabling users to access data and applications from nearly any Internet-enabled device, without compromising speed, quality of service or security.


By moving to the virtual desktop, organizations free themselves from the physical constraints, maintenance and costs associated with the legacy desktop.

IntelliNet’s Cloud Desktop Service takes the virtualization revolution to the next level.  A Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering, Cloud Desktop enables organizations to achieve virtual desktop integration (VDI) without the heavy investment in backend data center infrastructure, software and administration.

IntelliNet’s Cloud Desktop Service leverages IntelliNet’s highly reliable and secure Cloud and VDI to house the end-user’s desktop in the virtual data center.  Cloud Desktop enables your workforce to access business-critical applications and data through a variety of devices, including less expensive desktop terminals, personal laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The Cloud Desktop is a win for all technology stakeholders:

  • Organizations realize savings on total cost of ownership by reducing hardware and support expenses
  • Users gain freedom and greater productivity with faster, secure access to applications and data
  • Administrators provision and administer desktops quickly and efficiently via a centralized, secure data management console

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IntelliNet deploys its Cloud Desktop Services via its secure, high-availability cloud infrastructure and software from virtualization industry-leader VMware.  This ensures a high-quality desktop computing experience across multiple devices.

By moving the user’s desktop to the cloud, customers:

  • Significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) – With Cloud Desktop, customers do not have to purchase their own physical ESXi server hosts and associated software.  It’s all on the IntelliNet Cloud.  And IntelliNet manages the environment, including software and hardware upgrades.
  • Alleviate desktop security concerns – with Cloud Desktop, your organization’s security is enhanced.  Data is always secured in the virtual data center, thus mitigating the risk of employees misusing data or data falling into the wrong hands due to theft of the end user’s device.
  • Consolidate and streamline desktop administration – for large and small organizations alike, Cloud Desktop enables administrators to deliver applications, systems and patches to end-users in a fraction of the time it takes to update and maintain a traditional desktop environment.
  • Improve ability to access data and applications from any Internet-enabled device – remote office, mobile and in-house staff alike can access their information in the same manner no matter where they are, thus improving efficiencies and speeding customer service delivery.

IntelliNet follows a cloud on-boarding process which provides a detailed analysis of your end-user virtual desktop needs.

Key Features

  • Fault tolerant and highly available – IntelliNet’s Cloud is architected for 99.99% up time
  • Centralized, policy driven end-user administration from a single administration console
  • Enhanced security and compliance


  • Mobility across multiple devices
  • Centralized antivirus and anti-malware protection
  • Consolidated monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Supports 3D graphics and location-based printing
  • Savings on total costs of ownership
  • Extends hardware lifecycle by repurposing older desktops as terminal clients