Cloud Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services

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IntelliNet’s Cloud Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) Services harness the power of IntelliNet’s highly reliable and secure Cloud, geographically dispersed Tier IV data centers and the latest virtualization technology to make DR/BC-as-a-Service affordable and reliable.

IntelliNet’s Cloud DR/BC Services offer customers the ability to continue operations in the event of a national, regional or local event.  Built on IntelliNet’s highly available private cloud, IntelliNet’s Cloud DR/BC Services scale to your demands for continuity and off-site data storage and recovery.

IntelliNet offers two types of data and application protection:

  • Cold Storage Service for customers who want offsite incremental data backup
  • Business Continuity Service for customers who want their infrastructure, data and applications ready and available in a synchronous state

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IntelliNet understands that numerous factors affect an organization’s DR/BC needs, such as industry-specific regulations, the age and state of core infrastructure, security considerations, the need for immediate end-user availability and geographic dispersion considerations.

Powered by IntelliNet’s secure cloud infrastructure, IntelliNet’s DR/BC Services are versatile, and can scale from virtual SANs for cold data storage to full virtual replication of infrastructure, data and applications.

  • With Cold Storage Service, customer data is backed up to the IntelliNet Cloud at specific intervals and is available to the customer via manual recovery.  Customers have the ability to restore lost, deleted or corrupted data, including email mailboxes, files and databases.
  • IntelliNet’s Business Continuity Service offers comprehensive DR/BC as-a-service, with both file-level data restoration for specific local events (lost or corrupted files, mailboxes or databases) and business continuity services to protect against larger catastrophic failure.  With IntelliNet’s Business Continuity Service, data, virtualized infrastructure, operating systems and applications are replicated to IntelliNet’s geographically dispersed data centers and available through the IntelliNet Cloud.

With IntelliNet’s DR/BC Services, you can feel secure that your business or organization has the right service scaled appropriately for your needs.

Key Features

  • Incremental data replication for cold storage and as-needed data restoration services
  • Infrastructure, data and application virtualization and synchronous data replication to IntelliNet’s cloud for comprehensive DR/BC service
  • Triple redundant multi-homed border gateway protocol (BGP) on divergent network carriers for 99.99% availability
  • Redundant, geographically dispersed Tier IV data center facilities
  • Best-in-class storage options, including EMC, NetApp and Dell


  • Eliminate outdated and unreliable tape backup systems
  • Scale DR/BC services to fit the demands and budget of your organization
  • Decrease downtime with faster data recovery
  • Support from IntelliNet’s fully-staffed, always available Network Operating Center (NOC)