Cloud E-Mail

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IntelliNet’s Cloud E-Mail Service features Microsoft Exchange hosted on the highly reliable and secure IntelliNet Cloud.


With Cloud E-Mail by IntelliNet, users enjoy anytime, anywhere access to messages, appointments, tasks and contacts, as well as 24x7x365 end-user support from IntelliNet’s fully-staffed Network Operation Center (NOC).

By subscribing to Cloud E-Mail, organizations quickly realize an immediate return on investment. Cloud E-Mail eliminates the cost of owning, managing and administering hardware and software.  And IntelliNet’s predictable monthly fee includes antivirus, SPAM and malware mailbox filtering software, plus a wide range mailbox storage options.

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Imagine having a fully managed and administered e-mail service without buying, maintaining and upgrading server hardware and software. IntelliNet’s Cloud E-Mail makes that vision a reality.  Cloud E-Mail offers Microsoft Exchange as a hosted service, which lowers your licensing costs and provides e-mail service at a predictable monthly rate.

IntelliNet’s Standard Hosted Exchange Service Package includes:

  • Full system administration and patch management, including add, change and delete (ACD) requests
  • License management
  • Mailbox spam filtering and virus scanning
  • 24x7x365 end-user support from IntelliNet’s NOC
  • Remote device access via a secure Outlook Web Access (OWA) portal
  • Group calendaring
  • Contact management
  • 99.99% availability

Available add-ons include:

  • Microsoft Office licensing, for Outlook desktop client licenses
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Blackberry Support
  • Mailbox archiving and backup services

Currently using another e-mail system or service provider?  IntelliNet has the tools and expertise to migrate from your current e-mail solution to our Hosted Exchange Service.

Key Features

  • Latest version of Microsoft Exchange hosted on the fault tolerant and highly available IntelliNet Cloud, architected for 99.99% up time
  • Anytime, anywhere access on your PC, laptop, smart phone and tablet
  • Synchronization of email, calendars and contacts across all of your devices
  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Protection through antivirus, SPAM and malware mailbox filtering
  • Archiving and e-mail storage and retrieval options for industry-specific compliance requirements


  • Reduce costs associated with infrastructure and software ownership
  • Eliminate time-consuming system maintenance so internal IT resources can focus on strategic objectives
  • Support from IntelliNet’s fully-staffed, always available Network Operating Center (NOC)