Network Support Management (NSM)

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The Challenge:
Strategic Infrastructure Management

Supporting your organization’s IT infrastructure is complex, expensive and time consuming. It’s a continuous process of maintaining, upgrading and configuring hardware, software and security appliances — tedious but essential tasks that might distract your internal resources from strategic objectives that could increase customer service and impact profits.

IntelliNet’s Network Support Management (NSM) Service is a cost-effective solution for optimizing service levels without increasing internal staff. Following ITIL-based best practices for network management, our solutions can be scaled for both large and small environments — from comprehensive enterprise management, where IntelliNet owns responsibility for your network operations, to granular, device-specific support.

Combine our NSM service with monitoring from our fully-staffed 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC), and you gain control of all aspects of incident management, from remote triage to escalation to an on-site IntelliNet technician.

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With NSM Services, IntelliNet Manages:

  • Infrastructure, including connectivity components, storage and backup, and VoIP systems
  • Servers, including standard servers, cloud and hosted servers, virtual servers and desktops, and email servers
  • Security and antivirus and SPAM filtering software and devices
  • Desktops, laptops, mobile devices and tablets

Key Features

  • Our solutions are scalable— IntelliNet can manage all or just a part of your network infrastructure
  • We offer both on-site and remote service offerings
  • IntelliNet can integrate our network and desktop support resources with your internal monitoring tools, Service Desk, or IntelliNet’s 24x7x365 Network Operating Center (NOC)


  • Expert advice from senior level, certified network architects
  • Faster incident resolution and increased user productivity
  • Quoting and purchasing assistance through IntelliNet’s hardware and software partners