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IntelliNet’s Infrastructure Management Service supports:

  • Connectivity components, including routers, circuits, switches, VPNs and telecommunication circuits
  • Storage and backup devices that fit your needs for cost, high availability, offsite storage or colocation
  • VoIP systems, featuring Cisco and Avaya solutions

IntelliNet’s Infrastructure Management Service is a retained service where IntelliNet assesses the client’s infrastructure, recommends upgrades and improvements, and then provides maintenance and administration delivered through experienced, certified staff on a consistent, predictable basis, scheduled according to the client’s needs.  IntelliNet offers both remote and onsite maintenance options.

With IntelliNet’s Infrastructure Management Service, customers experience improved infrastructure performance, and internal staff are freed from day-to-day maintenance and repair, enabling them to focus on strategic goals, thus resulting in a higher return on investment.  Customers also gain strategic recommendations regarding  hardware and software upgrades paths, ensuring that infrastructure capacity matches business needs for future growth and profitability.

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IntelliNet’s Infrastructure Management Service supports the following types of network infrastructure devices/components, including, but not limited to:

Routers Switches
Network appliances Telecommunications circuits
Storage and backup devices VoIP infrastructure

Available Infrastructure Management services include:

  • Implementing network hardware and software configuration changes
  • Performing hardware system and firmware upgrades and patches including testing
  • Maintenance of Access Lists
  • Providing recommendations via traffic shaping and correct network traffic bottlenecks
  • Troubleshooting and technical support for LAN, WAN, and Internet issues
  • Performing VLAN configuration and administration
  • Troubleshooting of reported issues
  • Participation at status meetings and client project meetings as required
  • Documentation updates as required

Available Storage and Backup services include:

  • Designing and storage and backup solutions to fit client’s needs for cost, high availability, offsite storage or colocation
  • Performing maintenance and administration of storage and backup devices including firmware updates
  • Working with the client to verify backup data is valid and can be restored in a timely manner

Available VoIP services include:

  • Configuring and maintaining OS and software
  • Performing regular preventative maintenance on equipment as agreed upon by client
  • Supporting move, add, change (MAC) requests
  • Working with service providers for service and capacity upgrades
  • Configuring and maintain voicemail and call menu workflow
  • Performing analog and digital to VoIP conversions, including SIP trunking