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Securing your environment is vital to network and application availability and data integrity.  IntelliNet’s Security Management can help you achieve maximum protection and compliance with IDS, antivirus and spam management services.

IntelliNet has extensive experience in implementing security solutions, featuring Cisco and Barracuda appliances and software.

IntelliNet enhances network security on multiple levels through the use of proxies, VLAN’s, access controls and intrusion detection systems.  We review security logs and reports, maintain antivirus and antispam filtering, and support Internet filtering, intrusion detection, prevention, deterrence and tracking.

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IntelliNet’s Security Management includes configuring, monitoring and managing:

  • Network security appliances
  • Server and desktop antivirus and spam software

IntelliNet standard Security Management Service includes:

  • Review security logs and reports
  • Maintaining anti-spam solutions and implementing best practices to reduce the chance of the client appearing on a spam report
  • Support Internet filtering, intrusion detection, prevention, deterrence and tracking
  • Maintaining and administering web filtering

IntelliNet’s Antivirus and Spam Management service supports all major manufactures of antivirus and spam appliance and software components, including, but not limited to:

Barracuda Anti-Spam & Virus AVG
Kaspersky Bitdefender
Norton Webroot

IntelliNet’s Antivirus and Spam Management service includes:

  • Configuring and maintaining antivirus and spam infrastructure
  • Ensuring policies are applicable to system-wide environment
  • Reviewing event logs
  • Providing cleanup of infected systems
  • Remediating spam issues (e.g., removal of company from email blacklists)
  • Installing software and add installed software to desktop imaging as needed