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IntelliNet’s Server Management Service provides full-time, dedicated server administration without the associated full-time costs. Through a mixture of on-site and remote management, we provide the required administration and maintenance services to ensure the high availability and optimal performance of your servers.

Whether dedicated physical devices housed in your data center, virtual servers running in a cloud environment, or co-located equipment hosted in one of IntelliNet’s geographically dispersed data centers, IntelliNet keeps your server environment optimized.

Standard Server Management services includes:

  • Configuration and software management
  • Active Directory administration
  • Email server administration, including Exchange, Lotus Notes and Gmail
  • OS and security patch management
  • MAC requests

Add our Server Monitoring Service, and you get complete 24x7x365 coverage and support.

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Server Management includes configuration, management and maintenance for:

  • Standard servers
  • Virtual server and desktop environments
  • Email servers

Available Standard Server Management services include:

  • Configuration management and backup system configurations
  • Configuring UPS and automatic shutdowns
  • Configuring and maintain operating system and software packages
  • Performing regular preventative maintenance on equipment as agreed upon by the client
  • Creating, maintaining, documenting and administering login scripts
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining application software
  • Providing support for DHCP/DNS/WINS administration
  • Providing IIS support and administration
  • Supporting move, add, change (MAC) requests
  • Managing patches (OS and security patches)
  • Configuring and administer Active Directory.  This includes
    • Designing, testing and implementing group policy objects
    • Domain/forest functional level upgrades and migrations
    • Optimizing for performance and best practices
    • Health checks and remediation
    • Security audits

IntelliNet’s Virtual Server and Desktop Service offers the same services as Standard Server management. IntelliNet certified experts have experience with  best in class virtualization software, including:

VMware andVMware view Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop
Microsoft Hyper-V Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

To maintain the client’s virtual server and desktop environment, IntelliNet:

  • Supports configuration management and backup system configurations
  • Supports configuration management of virtualized environment
  • Configures and maintains the hyperviser environment
  • Provides regular preventative maintenance on equipment as agreed upon by client
  • Monitors key performance indicators, including memory and availability

IntelliNet’s Email Management Service supports the following email services:

Microsoft Exchange Lotus Notes
Office 365 Gmail

With IntelliNet’s Email Management, IntelliNet will:

  • Purge the indexes on mailbox stores
  • Perform tombstone maintenance on mailboxes and public folders (Lotus Notes)
  • Implement retention policies
  • Clean up deleted mailboxes on mailbox stores
  • Check the message table for orphaned messages
  • Perform online defragmentation of the datastore
  • Verify backups
  • Verify automated tasks
  • Monitor database growth
  • Check queue for stuck messages (Lotus Notes)
  • Support mailbox move, add, change (MAC) requests