Remote Service Desk

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With our Remote Service Desk, IntelliNet service desk engineers quickly remediate common end-user issues, such as password resets, device availability issues and network and Internet connectivity problems.

We provide this service on a 24x7x365 or off-hours support basis, with flexible service hours as required by the customer.

Offered on a retained basis, our Remote Service Desk includes trouble ticket generation, tracking, remediation and escalation. Customers may select Level 1 and/or Level 2 remote support options. IntelliNet crafts remediation services around the unique needs of our customers.  Our goal is to resolve common issues on the first call, reduce escalation calls to costlier resources and decrease the customer’s overall cost per ticket.

Customers can scale use of our Remote Service Desk to provide the following levels of coverage:

  • 24x7x365
  • Off normal business hours (ONBH)
  • Normal business hours only (NBH)

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The IntelliNet Service Desk extends your ability to resolve end-user support calls and emails on a schedule that meets your needs, without adding headcount to your organization or purchasing additional service desk software.

Customers may choose Level 1 and/or Level 2 Remote Service Desk support, as defined in our customized SLA with the customer. Typically, Level 1 service requests can be resolved quickly over the phone or through remote resetting of passwords, clearing of print queues or stopping and restarting services. Level 2 service requests may still be handled remotely but involve more detailed triage and remote control of the user’s desktop or devices.

IntelliNet’s Service Desk will respond to each user notification as follows:

  • Answer inbound calls and emails from client
  • Enter user information/issue into trouble ticket system
  • Follow predefined remediation processes
  • Follow predefined escalation processes
  • Track trouble ticket throughout the mean time to repair (MTTR) process
  • Close ticket after issue resolved
  • Generate standard trouble ticket reports

IntelliNet also offers advanced trouble ticket analysis to identify common call issues and offer advice and services for remediation.