Mayfran International, a manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, was at a point where its servers and storage systems were approaching end of life.  In addition, the Network Manager wanted a system where he could test-pilot running 3D AutoCad through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for up to 10 test users, and then expand if the solution proved viable.  Mayfran was intrigued with the idea of idea of hyper-convergence, citing the simplicity and ease of management of managing compute and storage through one pane of glass.  Mayfran was in discussion with Dell and Nutanix and was evaluating their offerings, but was somewhat uncomfortable with their scalability and limitations in Software Defined Networking (SDN).

That’s when Mayfran turned to IntelliNet for advice. IntelliNet introduced Mayfran to Cisco’s HyperFlex System and arranged a demo.  Mayfran’s Network Manager was quickly impressed. Neither of the first gen hyperconverged offerings of Dell nor Nutanix could boast SDN, nor could they boast simplicity in increasing storage or match the storage capacity of the HyperFlex.

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But the deal was not done.  Mayfran was given a once-in-a-decade budget to completely overhaul other major components of its IT infrastructure, including additional low and slow storage and replacement of its spotty WiFi.  So IntelliNet was able to bundle the HyperFlex deal with 56 TB of additional storage and a new Meraki WiFi System, which included 14 Meraki Wireless Access points. 

Watch Network Manager Erik Silders explain why those chose Cisco HyperFlex here.

Today Mayfran is extremely pleased with the HyperFlex and Meraki solution, and is looking forward to launching greater capabilities in the field as the Client’s Sales Engineers are now able to quickly present engineering solutions to their customers through VDI 3D Autocad design demonstrations. The business outcome? Spectacular 3D demos for its customers and higher sales!

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