On August 1, Cisco Meraki announced that they discovered an issue that may limit the long-term reliability of certain models of the MS210 and MS225 switches. The affected models are:

  • Exposed - All MS210-48LP, MS210-48FP & MS225-48LP, MS225-48FP switches
  • High temperature alert - dashboard alert indicating potential damage to the fan control system
  • Failure - switch no longer able to pass traffic

Currently, Cisco estimates that 35% of exposed switches will fail within 5 years of deployment if no action is taken. However, the current failure rate for exposed switches is 0.12% overall, well below industry standards. The proactive detection inherent with Meraki’s cloud has allowed Cisco to monitor the situation for our customers and remediate where needed, helping to maintain a low failure rate. 

Cisco is introducing a proactive replacement program. This will launch on August 27 and we are targeting the shipment of new products in October 2018. We will provide the replacement instructions via dashboard as well as a software mitigation option as a temporary solution for all exposed devices. This software mitigation will increase the fan speed in the switch.

A firmware upgrade will be required for this mitigation option and a support ticket opened with Meraki Support to activate the increase in fan speed. This mitigation significantly reduces failure due to the fan component issue until the customer receives the redesigned switch.

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