Client: A Government Agency with a constituency of over 1 million residents

Issue: The Client provides website access to numerous government agencies, including courts, the board of elections, numerous social services, and health and public safety to name of few. It was critical that websites providing access to services and information be available 24x7x365.  The Client initially set up its own synthetic end-user monitoring services within its data center.  But to capture the end-user experience in performance and availability, the Client needed to also monitor its websites from outside of its data center.

Our Resolution: The Client considered renting data center space outside of their network and purchasing servers and network gear, but the cost was prohibitive. Instead the Client went to public bid for virtual server infrastructure. IntelliNet responded to the RFP using its IntelliNet Cloud Server products. The IntelliNet Cloud is architected for security, availability and simple pricing that rivals commodity Cloud providers. IntelliNet won the RFP.

Why IntelliNet: The Client realized that virtual server infrastructure provided by IntelliNet was the best for their monitoring applications. Always available and fully managed, IntelliNet’s Cloud Servers enabled the County to have the end-user monitoring needed to support its constituents needs.  Plus, IntelliNet was a local provider, and the Client knew it could have access not only to the infrastructure, but also IntelliNet’s talented team of systems and network architects and engineers. Plus, the pricing of the IntelliNet Cloud Servers were easy to understand and significantly less than the cost of owning and maintaining hardware. IntelliNet’s simple and predictable pricing model enabled the agency to precisely budget for the services.