Client: Large Property Development Company.

As one of Greater Cleveland’s largest privately held industrial property owner and developer, the Client owns a national industrial real estate portfolio of approximately 12 million square feet serving over 550 tenants. For nearly 50 years, it has exhibited experience and expertise in the areas of building ownership, development, acquisitions, facilities management, tenant services, financing, and leasing.

Issue: The Client’s proven growth and longevity has been outstanding, but like many companies, become hindered by numerous legacy systems that were aging, difficult and expensive to manage, and no longer met the strategic needs of the business. As the Client looked to the future for growth and with capital expense constraints always a reality, they asked their strategic partner IntelliNet to help guide their selection and evaluate multiple solutions.

Our Solution: IntelliNet worked with the Client to create a detailed cost analysis for either refreshing their on-prem infrastructure or moving their application environment into a cloud environment. Not just any cloud…The IntelliNet Cloud. Why? The combination of cost savings, enterprise architecture, world class service and support, plus IntelliNet’s one-on-one migration methodology, made The Client very comfortable selecting IntelliNet to be their Cloud Managed Service Provider. Now the Client no longer has to do the heavy lifting every 3-5 years to refresh the hardware, evaluate manufactures and hardware quotes, purchase new equipment, or installing and maintaining their IT environment, IntelliNet handles it all. This frees the Client’s staff to focus on the strategic needs of the business to make it successful and competitive in their market space.

Why IntellInet: The Client has entrusted its IT Services with IntelliNet since 2009, starting with a critical server virtualization project. The move to the cloud seemed daunting, with questions about the location of their data, security, disaster recovery, and cost. But the Client knew IntelliNet as a trusted business adviser that values above all else its reputation. The Client knew IntelliNet had the engineering talent that they could contact personally for service requests, questions, and service adjustments. Plus, IntelliNet’s detailed cost analysis gave the Client the comfort they need in knowing that moving to the IntelliNet Cloud was the right decision.