Manufacturing continues to get more complicated, expensive, and automated.  Ensuring that OT (Operational technology) and IT (Information technology) are working in harmony is imperative to running a successful business.  While manufacturers are trying to coalesce data from production equipment, sales forecasts, product demand and other sources, too often these business practices are at odds and miles apart within the organization.   Having a core network that enables the data to flow effectively is an important cornerstone of modern business, yet it’s not unusual to see factories with networks that:


·       Were put together like a house with 5 additions over 50 years

·       Have infrastructure not purpose built for today’s IT requirements

·       Lack complete coverage

·       Use retail grade access points (APs)

·       Have separate networks in the plant, offering no continuity and mobility


So, what’s holding these customers back?  Often in production facilities and warehouses the Wifi signals can be limited by a number of factors:

·       High Ceilings

·       Thick Walls blocking signals

·       Lack of line of sight to/from APs

·       Warehouse shelving and products obstructing signals


A solid network and Wifi infrastructure allow clients who want to extend their ERP packages and other capabilities further into the plant floor by providing:

·       Single sign on (SSID) for access

·       Data availability enables improved QA process

·       Handheld computers/RFIP readers and other mobile devices can be fully utilized

·       Single VLAN allows continuity and mobility of personnel and resources


IntelliNet has years of experience helping Manufacturers of all sizes and industries to get the most out of combining OT and IT.  Contact us to learn how we can help your company maximize OT and IT!