Our client, one of the largest school system in the State of Ohio, serving 38,000 enrolled children over a span of 82 square miles. The district envisions that students will be challenged with a rigorous curriculum that considers the individual learning styles, program preferences and academic capabilities of each student, while utilizing the highest quality professional educators, administrators and support staff available.

In early 2016, the school made the decision to migrate all phone systems to a Cloud VOIP solution. During the discovery phase of this project it was found that many school buildings did not have the required data networking infrastructure to handle a VOIP solution. Further, the buildings did not follow a standard build which led to significant management overhead.

It was decided that a network overhaul was required…

IntelliNet partnered with the Cisco Education team to develop a solution that could be consistently deployed in each building with minor configuration changes between small and large schools.

The solution leveraged the Catalyst 4500-X platform as a collapsed campus core using 10G connectivity to Catalyst 2960-X access switches configured in a Stack.

This solution turned out to be both economical enough for the smaller buildings and robust enough to handle the largest schools in the district. Close to half of the district schools will be affected by this upgrade.

In addition, close to 4,000 next generation wireless Access Points were purchased to upgrade the aging wireless infrastructure. When deployed these will enable the wireless network to handle the growth of the user to device ratio. Currently, the district plans for a 3 devices per user ratio.

This deal represented a first phase of the larger network overhaul. The client chose IntelliNet because we were able to leverage our intimate knowledge of the client’s environment and our long term working relationship to pull the project together in a cohesive manner. Additionally, we provide a 1 stop experience for the client because our team will be doing the installations as part of our ongoing managed service engage