Our journey into AI driven ops is changing the IntelliNet Monitoring paradigm. For ten years, our mantra has been “Monitor What Matters!” This simply equates to enabling monitoring on endpoints that are actionable (or when an event triggers a response). The rest of the events would be considered bad alerts, or that an event occurred, but was deemed transient and non actionable. In the words of our Technical Account Manager, Jordan MacPherson, if you are actively monitoring everything, it turns out to be just a haystack of noise.

When we introduced AI and machine-learning into our monitoring equation, we began asking ourselves if following our previous paradigm is a disservice to our clients. To become predictive within an IT environment and leverage the strength of AI, perhaps the new task is to avoid poorly sourced data (garbage in) while increasing the monitoring volume. In other words, the more good data that comes in (even if it’s unactionable) will unveil additional insight into patterns and trends regarding actionable responses before any series of events sets off critical infrastructure alarms.

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