It’s important that your IT operations solution helps to grow your business through the improvement of your business KPIs. KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are used to measure the performance on desired business outcomes, which can indicate company growth potential and overall success. Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) can improve these goals in numerous ways, as well as have a significant impact to how your company operates.

How AIOps can Improve Operations & Positively Impact KPIs

Improving your digital environment or operations solution shouldn’t only have impact on your IT department, but instead on your entire organization. AIOps greatly improves operational efficiency through machine learning and the collection and analysis of better data. This efficiency results in higher customer satisfaction rates, more revenue and improved productivity.

Here is how this is accomplished:

  • Speed in Identifying Significant Issues
    AIOps has the ability to identify issues and pinpoint the cause of those issues much faster compared to standard IT solutions. By identifying potential problems faster, especially ones that could bring networks to a halt, there is less downtime. Obviously, when networks go down, it’s difficult to conduct business, which means potential losses in both customers and revenue. Reducing downtime gives your business more revenue potential. This is all made possible through the use of machine learning algorithms.

    Issues within your digital environment can also affect how business is done. AIOps improves the service quality of business applications which are delivered via VDI or portals. Stability in these applications give users a better experience and build trust within customer relationships. When customers experience problems in these areas, there is a much higher chance of them leaving for a more reliable competitor. AIOps gives your customers the experience they expect, which improves your customer retention rate as well as new business opportunities from these customers.

  • Analysis of Historical Patterns & Trends
    Data collected by AIOps can be analyzed by IT personnel, and correlated events can used to help predict future outages, trends and issues. This data can be vital to network stability and how smooth your operations run each day. Pattern detection can send alerts to technicians when networks or operations seem to be awry. This allows your IT personnel to be more productive in the long run.

  • Optimization of IT Resources
    AIOps can optimize your IT resources and help the department develop the most efficient strategy. With less time spent on fixing issues, IT personnel can concentrate on goals and other tasks which improve how the business runs and operates. Since there is a finite amount of time your staff has each day, it’s important they are spending it on tasks which help your business grow.

Common Business KPIs Impacted from AIOps

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction & experience
  • Reduce risk or the chance damaging events occur
  • Streamline revenue cycle & operations

AIOps can certainly be a vital asset to improving your business KPIs by decreasing downtime for both internal operations and customers, increasing revenue and improving productivity. If you’d like to hear more detailed information regarding AIOps and how it can be integrated into your business operations, give our staff a call today. A quick call may be all that’s needed to help unlock your company’s potential.