Managed services for IT can be an important business driver for organizations. Our managed services offering has recently evolved due to new technological advancements - specifically AI-driven IT Operations (AIOps). This evolution within our managed services allows our IT professionals to operate beyond the usual specialized scenarios and expand into today’s more complex and heterogeneous business environments. Let’s take a look at how how AIOps is impacting the scale and performance of IntelliNet’s managed services.

A Brief Introduction to AI-driven IT Operations

In the past, systems used by IT professionals limited the ability to deliver scale and business intelligence across the different departments or “silos” within a company. They didn’t work well in today’s heterogeneous and complex company environments. Recent technological advancements in the evolution of information technology give IT professionals the ability to handle these complex applications. The managed services we utilize at IntelliNet have sophisticated data-collection abilities, a central repository and advanced analytics to give a much better holistic experience across the entire company using them.

The Benefits of Managed Services using AI-driven IT Operations

There are numerous benefits to partnering with us as your managed service provider, especially with our updated AIOps capabilities. These benefits include:

  • AI-driven IT Operations help our team reduce the time it takes to identify and solve performance issues that may arise, resulting in quicker response times and improved production.
  • Our updated managed services gives our customers the ability to correlate performance data with business goals such as revenue and KPI’s.
  • More useful and relevant data can be acquired to fuel business growth through implementing more holistic operations. This enables companies we work with to become faster and more agile.
  • AIOps gives us plenty of options to integrate across numerous types of environments.
  • The managed services and monitoring we provide our customers allow their IT professionals to concentrate on more complex internal projects while we take care of the day-to-day tasks, observations and reporting.
  • Ultimately, our updated managed services program using AIOps gives our experts the ability to intelligently analyze data through machine-learning, more efficiently monitor our customers’ IT performance and help improve their business operations.

If you are interested in learning more about how our newly updated managed services offering can improve your IT performance and even help grow your business through holistic data and insights, register for our upcoming event on June 27, 2018 at Oswald Conference Centre, 1100 Superior Ave. East, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 - Registration starting at 10:30am. We will present a deeper dive into utilizing managed services and AI-driven IT Operations and help you discover the impact it can have on your organization.

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