Client: A law firm that specializes in debt collections for large corporate clients.   

Issue: The Client instituted a new collections software, as their legacy system was written in an unsupportable language.  The system provided their clients with limited self service capabilities, which the client wanted to enhance to improve the experience.  

Our Solution: IntelliNet teamed up with our Strategic Partner, the Refinery, a company specializing in web development, to provide a comprehensive, customized solution.  IntelliNet implemented the database for the Client, troubleshooting and overall systems support via our Microsoft SQL Systems Engineers, while the Refinery  provided the talent required to develop the new Web interface.  During extensive discovery meetings The Refinery uncovered that in addition to providing the query capabilities of the old interface, they also could resolve a business issue that would increase profitability on smaller accounts.  Many of the Client’s small customers who wanted to receive updates on collections effort had to interface directly with the Client’s attorneys via phone calls.  The Refinery added in capability to enable customers to view their own data via self-service updates, eliminating those lengthy phone calls and improving profitability.  When signing off on the expanded scope to include the custom interface, a partner at the firm laughed as he said, “I hate that I like this idea.” 

Why IntelliNet: IntelliNet provides outstanding services to the client across multiple business functions, including a data center move, remediations, virtualization, systems, and network support through our Technology Services Group.  Combining our expertise with The Refinery created a compelling and thorough solution for the client.