Managed services can provide growing companies many great benefits, including a more focused IT department, an increase in efficiency and optimal usage of IT resources. The main question is, “When should a business considering partnering with a managed services provider (or MSP)?”. We compiled a list of signs that your business may be ready to take this step.

Similar issues keep occurring, hindering your IT resources
There’s only so much time in a work day, so when your IT personnel need to stop what they’re doing to fix recurring issues, it can drastically affect the department’s efficiency. Managed services are a great way to handle those time-consuming tasks so your IT team can focus on their more important tasks without being interrupted. IT team members also have less alarms and alerts that need their attention because MSPs can often prevent common issues before they escalate into larger problems with the use of advanced technology and tools. The ability to be proactive with potential problems is very beneficial to overall operational efficiency.

Downtime is costing your business time and money
In most cases, when a network or system goes down, it ends up costing the company two very important resources: time and money. The longer infrastructure is down, the more time and money it will cost. So, if your IT department is at full capacity when something goes wrong, the issue has time to grow into a more complicated problem to fix. Managed service providers should be ready at all times, fixing problems before or as they happen and quickly identifying the root of the issue. Minimizing downtime should obviously be a priority. Partnering with a responsive managed services provider means that experts are only a call away. The best MSPs are available anytime, especially when your IT team isn’t. Having an experienced expert monitor your network 24/7/365 will most certainly improve operational efficiency and business growth initiatives.

You’re concerned about losing important data
Data is the lifeblood of most businesses, so losing data could potentially cripple business operations. Managed services offer advanced data storage and recovery options, just in case something disastrous happens. IT teams no longer have the stress and burden of data backups and protection, as this is now handled by the MSP.

In order for continued growth, you need access to more insightful data
Top-tier MSPs use advanced technology which utilizes big data, business intelligence and machine learning. These tools can give companies the deep data insights they need in order to grow in the future. This technology would be very expensive for individual companies to purchase and use, so partnering with a managed service provider offers great cost-saving incentives.

Wondering if your IT security is good enough?
Security threats can be a nightmare for businesses, especially is these businesses handle confidential information. Managed services and monitoring leverages industry leading security features and technology to prevent attacks and breaches. Having an IT expert monitor your servers and network everyday greatly reduces the chance of information leaks, data breaches and other types of viruses and malware that will affect your business. MSPs also conduct updates and patches when they’re released, once again giving your IT team more time to concentrate on the important tasks.

If you’re losing sleep over any of these points or anything similar, it’s time to start considering a partnership with a reputable, experienced managed services provider. We understand the impact MSPs can have on a business, because that’s what we do! If you’d like to learn more about what we can offer your company and get the details about each of our service tiers, drop us a line. Whether you’re ready now or will be in the near future, we’re here to help you make the best decision for your business. Contact us now.