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Cloud Migration Services Their Cloud - Partner Cloud Offerings

IntelliNet has partnered and performed numerous migrations to and from the "Big Box" cloud providers for our clients.

If your strategy is to use Azure, Amazon, Google, etc., we can provide the migration services into and out of those providers, plus provide on-going support.

Going to "Their" cloud? Turn to IntelliNet for the following services:

  • IntelliNet's 5 D's Approach can help you Decide, Define, Determine, Develop and Deliver the optimal cloud solution. Once in the cloud, IntelliNet can be your go-to engineering partner to troubleshoot and optimize your virtual environment
  • Managed O365 bundles with level 1 Service Desk and IntelliNet spam filtering
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • F5 Web Application Firewall (WAF), for additional security in the Azure Cloud

IntelliNet's 5 D's of Cloud Migration Services.

Is cloud migration the right strategy for your organization? IntelliNet's team of cloud engineers will work with you to determine if it is.

Decide. Define. Determine. Develop. Deliver.