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IntelliNet's 5 D's of Cloud Migration Services. Decide. Define. Determine. Develop. Deliver.

These are IntelliNet's 5 D's of Cloud Migration Services.

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Is cloud migration the right strategy for your organization? IntelliNet's team of cloud engineers will work with you to determine if it is. We know the variables that will impact your decision, such as industry-specific compliance and reporting issues, the availability of reliable internet bandwidth, and the technological readiness of your data and your staff. We also gather the metrics and data you need to see if the cloud makes financial sense, based on bandwidth, storage consumption and computing needs.

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Not all apps are created equally when it comes to cloud. What apps should be migrated? How will the migration impact the end-user experience? What data can be migrated to apps already in the cloud, such as accounting, CRM or ERP packages? IntelliNet has the experience to answer all these question, and more. Working with your staff we will define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Critical Success Factors (CSF) that apply to your business. Using this data, we can measure the business outcomes of your cloud migration in terms of return on investment, usability and productivity.

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Everyone has a cloud - the IntelliNet Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google. Which cloud will provide the best pricing, availability, performance and security? Where is the best geography for your future virtual infrastructure? IntelliNet monitors our cloud competitors continuously - that's why we are better positioned than other providers to help you find the cloud service provider that best matches your needs and budget. We can also help you navigate the sometimes confusing and complicated consumption based billing models employed by many of the commodity service providers.

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A cloud data migration requires detailed project planning between business stakeholders, infrastructure operations and application development and support teams. IntelliNet has experience with numerous migration projects and has the expertise to coordinate the multiple resources required to get your data migrated safely and with minimum impact to your daily operations.

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You made it! But just like physical infrastructure, your virtual infrastructure and apps require monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. And just because your infrastructure is virtual doesn't mean you are not vulnerable to malicious attacks or loss of data because of outages or provider-based infrastructure failure. IntelliNet is one of Ohio's few true managed service providers that offers 24x7x365 services to monitor, manage and protect virtual infrastructure resources. And if your service provider fails to deliver, IntelliNet will help you regain the required credit from SLA violations, and help you migrate to another provider if necessary.

Include us in you cloud migration discussion and engage IntelliNet to work with you on the first D - Define!

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