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Private Label Cloud Services Your Cloud (Private Label)

Your Cloud (Private Label)

IntelliNet offers companies the ability to "Brand" their own cloud without taking on the capital cost, architecture and engineering expertise, or time to market involved with implementing the infrastructure from scratch. IntelliNet's program allows companies to utilize our enterprise cloud and brand it with their name and logo. This is perfect for SaaS companies, giving them a unique advantage over their competition. Or if you don't need your own branded offering, create a new revenue stream by reselling the IntelliNet Cloud.

  • No upfront capital cost
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Create an immediate competitive advantage
  • Only Pay for the Services you Resell or Use
  • Gain the Marketing Competitive advantage of Branding you Own Cloud Environment
  • Expand your Product Line - as an IntelliNet partner, you will be able to offer additional IT services to you clients.