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Managed Services Stop Worrying About What Doesn't Make You Money

The result could transform your business.

Imagine your brightest IT talent working on core business initiatives, supporting strategic priorities and delivering competitive advantage meant to improve your customer service levels, speed product delivery and sharpen the quality of service. IntelliNet can free your staff from spending time on chores such as administrative tasks, troubleshooting, and infrastructure support.

Don't fly blind - run your business with monitoring!

IntelliNet has been doing monitoring so long you can say we practically invented it. It started with a simple plan - save organizations time and money by offering network monitoring as a service. IntelliNet made the investment in the best tools, smartest engineers, and a Network Operations Center (NOC) that was fully staffed 24x7x365.

The plan worked, and today IntelliNet manages and monitors thousands of infrastructure endpoints in 44 states, 25 countries, and 4 continents.

IntelliNet's monitoring Includes:

  • Threshold and outage alarms
  • Event management
  • Performance reporting and dashboard
  • End-user performance monitoring

Together with IntelliNet's NOC we help our customers harness timely insights to proactively respond to events impacting system performance and availability.

Today IntelliNet monitors:

  • Network, server, storage and virtual infrastructure
  • Application performance monitoring (SaaS, websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, in-house applications, ERP Systems)
  • Netflow traffic monitoring

Additional Benefits

  • Transparent Monitoring
  • No CAP Ex or Maintenance Fees
  • Immediate ROI with low monthly costs
  • Quick onboarding with no new staffing required
  • Enhanced Service Levels
  • Reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Repair)

We eliminate the chores, so you can focus on the core of your business

IntelliNet's Managed Services approach allows our clients to shift their technology directives from chore to core, enabling them to focus on their strategic IT business initiatives. Our customers can direct their internal technology staff to expand capabilities and further lines of business while having the peace of mind that IntelliNet is handling the support and maintenance of their systems.

IntelliNet’s Managed Services provide integrated capabilities that enable continuous infrastructure and application optimization, accelerated problem resolution, and ultimately a greater return on your investments in people and infrastructure.

Working via secure remote connections to the client’s environment, IntelliNet’s US-based staff of certified highly experienced IT professionals quickly remediates any level of server and network support requests or vulnerabilities. Through our monthly managed service agreements, we ensure that your environment is up-to-date, properly patched and secure for optimal performance.

IntelliNet’s Managed Services provide a unified view of all your business services, whether based in the cloud, the data center, or both.

Key Features:

  • US-base staff of certified, experienced I/T professionals
  • Proactive Infrastructure Management
  • Automation for greater efficiencies
  • Secure Remote Connections
  • Manage OS security, including patch management and antivirus/anti-malware
  • Configure, administer and support Active Directory
  • Support for popular Microsoft applications (SharePoint, SCCM, IIS and SQL Server)
  • VMware environment performance monitoring and tuning
  • Recommend and implement a remediation path, including advanced security and anomaly monitoring software from partners at Cisco, Lancope and F5.

Business Benefits:

  • Focus existing staff on higher value work
  • No new tools or staff required
  • No new capital expense- its just a monthly fee
  • Expand I/T knowledge base
  • Risk Mitigation